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AtomTime Pro is a Windows application which will connect to the Atomic Clock time server in Boulder, Colorado (USA) via the Internet and fetch the current atomic clock time value. It compares this value to your PC time and displays the difference. You then have the option of updating your PC clock to match the atomic clock value. There are a number of options to automate the update process. AtomTime Pro also features support for most proxy servers.


AtomTime Pro is the latest sequel to the very popular AtomTime98 and AtomTime95. It works on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME, along with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. A partial list of the new features in AtomTime Pro include:
  • User-Defined Time Servers: The user can now define their own list of time servers. AtomTime will cycle through the list to locate an active server.
  • Message Logging: AtomTime can now log messages to a file detailing program operation, including time checks and error messages.
  • Dial-Up Networking: Improved Dial-Up Networking support, including the ability to use specific connections.
  • Time Adjust on Connections: The time can now be adjust each time a Dial-Up Networking connection is formed.
  • System Tray Date Display: The ability to display a date icon in the System Tray when running with an Update Interval. This date icon replaces the AtomTime icon.
  • Registry Settings: Settings are now saved on a machine basis, rather than a user basis as in AtomTime98.
  • Launch with Windows Start: A simple checkbox can now activate AtomTime on Windows startup.
  • Automated Operation: AtomTime Pro will run its automated updates even while the main display is open. AtomTime98 required that you close the display first.
  • Animated Icon: When an automated update is occurring, the AtomTime icon in the System Tray will be animated.
  • Time Formats: Support for more time formats.
  • Time Protocols: Time servers using port 37 are now supported.
  • Display Colors: The main display text can be changed from a color to black/white display.
  • Version Checking: AtomTime will automatically check for version updates on a regular interval.
  • Error Handling: Improved error handling and messages.

Since first releasing AtomTime95 way back in April of 1996, the AtomTime software has been praised in a number of leading publications (including some international newspapers!)

A sampling of articles:

    PC Computing February 1999 listed AtomTime98 as number six on the ZDNET Downloads of All Time in addition to making their list of Top 100 Free Downloads.
    The January 1999 issue of PC World featured AtomTime98 on the accompanying CD as one of the Best of '98.
    AtomTime98 was the Download of the Month in the September 1998 issue of FamilyPC Magazine.
    In the Leading Edge column of the February 16, 1998 issue of EDN Magazine AtomTime95 was highlighted.
    The January 1998 issue of PC World had a nice recommendation on AtomTime95.
    The editor's column in the September 1997 issue of Windows Magazine gave nice praise to AtomTime95.
    PC Magazine, the April 8, 1997 Utilities issue, featured AtomTime95 as one of the Top Freeware/Shareware utilities

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